Bookends for iOS Free Download

Bookends for iOS Free Download

Bookends is a full-featured bibliography/reference and information management platform for professionals and students.

Bookends for iOS Free Download

App Overview

There are 3 chief components to Bookends: a built-in search tool for internet tools, a listing of your chosen sources (like reference information ) along with also a citation and bibliography production tool which saves you the trouble of encrypting references.

What caught my attention is Bookends‘ capacity to carry out searches from inside the program. Bookends can search Google Scholar the literature website that is online and more than a hundred college libraries.

Bookends for iOS


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Bookends utilizes the cloud to sync reference libraries on each of the Macs you utilize. Get into the power of Bookends straight from Mellel, Nisus Writer Guru, or MS Word (such as Word 2016): Bookends permits you to scan your present word-processor documents and automatically create finished manuscripts with properly formatted bibliographies. You could even scan Apple Pages’08,’095, and 5,, and LibreOffice/OpenOffice 4 documents, or RTF files stored in any word processor.

Bookends permit you to discuss your references within the Web with anybody, on any stage. And with Bookends, it is possible to instantly search and import references from numerous sources:

Web of Science
Google Scholar
Library of Congress
and countless other online resources or utilize an integrated browser to obtain references with PDF’s or Internet pages. Additionally, with searches of PubMed, articles can be discovered by you.

Bookends for iOS Free Download

Bookends allows for hunts that are strong, with connections, intelligent bands, and inactive as well as.
Bookends also supply a healthy range of file attachment attributes:
Attach any document (like a PDF) into a reference and see or open it immediately.
Automatically rename and organize PDF documents on-the-fly.
Automatically download and then join the PDF of the article on the internet when you have access permission.
Automatically locate and join PDF’s in your hard disk.
Annotate and markup PDFs and possess the information immediately available in notecards.
Easily migrate attachments and references from additional benchmark supervisors to Bookends.

Sync your library together with Bookends for iOS in your iOS apparatus, so You have your references along with PDF’s with you where you’re
They are not limitations of this program, although there are limitations to that which Bookends can perform. Ideally, it is possible to locate a research paper on the internet and download the PDF in practice that is hit and miss, but in Bookends of the newspapers are saved. Unsurprisingly for ca be downloaded, because of their systems occur to do the job, but universities and some libraries do not play nice.

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